Karmen Baucentar DOOEL Skopje was founded in 1990 as a wholesale company for trading with construction materials. Since then, the company has been growing steadily and it is currently located on four locations in Macedonia. All company locations consist of warehouse and retail store. Currently we have 48 employees. Our car fleet consists of 3 trucks, 8 vans and 8 cars. We are distributing the products from our suppliers all over Macedonia. Our sales team consists of 9 sales representatives.

Today Karmen Baucentar DOOEL Skopje trades with gypsum plasteboards (Knauf), suspended ceilings (Armstrong), insulation materials (Ursa, Bekament), laminate flooring (Swiss Krono), roof windows (Velux), plasters and paints (Bekament), gardening tools (Rehaum Verto), aluminium ladders (Alve, Czech), roof ladders (Oman, Polland) hand tools (Topex, Graphite, Verto, Polland), hand tools (Mimont Serbia), clay tiles (Bramac Austria) as well as other products from well-known brands.

Our main clients are construction companies as well as other retail and wholesale companies trading with similar products.

Karmen Baucentar DOOEL Skopje is constantly growing by enlarging its team, as well as its sales offer.